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Georgiana Petec

Georgiana Petec is a Yoga and Meditation teacher, a Zumba and group fitness instructor, a writer, a chef and a gardener mom who dabbles in photography and jewelry making. Yoga, meditation, nutrition and movement are her stepping stones to a balanced, peaceful, fulfilled life. Having accumulated over 25 years of personal practice and learning, forever teaching others, she approaches each day with smiles, optimism and serenity, a firm believer in the magnificence of every given moment.

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Enjoying every moment, appreciating life’s gifts and bravely working hard to share them with others

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Over 300 hours of studying with YogaFit and thousands of hours of practice speak to Georgiana’s passion, engagement and dedication to this ancestral discipline


A ZIN member since 2009, Georgiana (Gia) has acquired almost every licence and certification Zumba has to offer, teaching to all age groups, from babies to seniors


Certified mediation teacher with Unplug Meditation, Georgiana carefully cultivates mindfulness and strives to help others experience the myriad of benefits meditation brings

Strong Nation

Georgiana (Gia) adores teaching Strong, a whole-body workout with no weights and beats created for every move rather than the other way around


Georgiana wrote and told stories from very early childhood; these days she writes and publishes short stories and poetry with the Writers Collective of Canada and on Medium


Born out of Georgiana’s love for beauty, gems, crystals, and secular jewelry-making traditions, the ByGia brand creates one of a kind handmade treasures fashionable and practical at the same time

Seeing life as an endless gift and forever cherishing the rainbow after the storm

Nature is Life

Nature lover since childhood, living in British Columbia brought back the need of taking pictures

Georgiana loves to share her photography with the world

Her photos can be downloaded for free from Google, Unsplash and Pixabay

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Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada.

E: [email protected]